Ganapati Athrvasirsa Upanishad

September 4 @ 8:00 pm – September 7 @ 1:00 pm with Swami Pratyagbodhanandaji and Swami MuktatmanandajiTopics: Ganapati Athrvasirsa Upanishad  & Bhagavadgita Ch.3.3

Tattva Bodha ~ Swami Viditatmananda

Tattva Bodha ~ Knowledge of Truth,Swami Viditatmananda,Family Retreat 1,20 classes,classes held in 2004, In this small text is all that one needs to know to have a complete understanding of Vedanta. With clear allusions to the sastra and its commentators, it is a succinct but thorough exposition that can serve as both an introductory text […]


(July 6th to July 12th)By Swami Pratyagbodhananda Saraswati All 7 Days – July 6th, 2020 (Mon) to July 12th, 2020 (Sun)7 pm to 8:30 pm EST via ZoomAll are Welcome – For registration – Pls join the WhatsApp Group Link Contact – Hari Subramanian (+1 732 841 7914) / Anu (+1 201 234 1135)

Dhanvantari Maha Mantra

Sri Dhanvantari Maha Mantra:One of the most famous incarnations of Lord Vishnu, Lord Dhanvantari is said to have emerged out of the milky ocean at the time when the demons and gods churned it to get the immortal nectar. Worshiped in the form of the god of medicine, Dhanvantari is given the supreme place in the Ayurvedic system […]