There are many people who value the teachings at the Gurukulam but are not able to attend as many classes as they would like due to distance and/or time constraints. In order to make the teachings offered at the Gurukulam more accessible to these people, the teachers at the Gurukulam travel to various places. They offer regular classes in the surrounding community within commuting distance of the Gurukulam, and also visit more distance regions in North America for short periods to give classes, and also, to set up ongoing programs of study.

Besides Vedanta classes, other activities which can be offered are:

  • Introductory public talks
  • Initiate Vedic Heritage classes for children and teens
  • Initiate new Gita Home Study groups
  • Private or group instructions in Vedic chanting
  • Introductory Sanskrit classes
  • Sessions on stress management and perspectives on one’s emotional life
  • Classes on avantara sadhanas: puja, prayer, meditation, yoga and values for everyday living
  • Archana, Bhajans and Satsang
  • Parent Support groups
  • Teen and young adult support groups
  • Anyone interested in this outreach project can discuss the details with Sri Suddhatma at (570) 992 2339 ext. 1-234.
    [Some of our teachers Swami Viditatmananda, Swami Pratyagbodhananda and Swami Tattvavidananda are available for shorter programs during certain times of the year.]