Satsang Questions

1. From Kishore:
Yesterday, we discussed  “So-kaamayata’ – is a wish and not a desire.  Isn’t wish a type of desire also? Can you please explain?

2. From Tanjore Iyer:
Nisargadatta Maharaj says there is a Sadhguru within  who is waiting and who will let the seeker know what the unique path for this seeker is. How can I know what my path is? How can I differentiate this Voice from the noise in my own mind?

3. From Seema Narayan:
I’m looking to listen to the Satsang from yesterday – which I had to miss due to situations beyond my control I had asked questions and these were addressed I’m told during yesterday’s SatsangI have tried several times since yesterday to log in to listen and since tomorrow is start of the week day will be harder to catch up for full time employees 

4. From Saroja:
a) Would it be correct to say that all thoughts are dangerous because they have space, time, raga dvesha built into their very structure?

b)  Is there a good book by Swami Vivekananda that can help me understand different types of subtle energy? You mentioned a book by him in another talk (not here). Is there one that you feel is especially valuable?

c). What are your thoughts about J. Krishnamurti?  Is the vision he espouses a true Vedantic vision?